5 Exhibition Stands Ideas to Attract Traffic at Your Booth

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5 Exhibition Stands Ideas to Attract Traffic at Your Booth

In this digital age when everything is online, exhibitions and conferences give you an opportunity to meet your customers face to face. Exhibition stands and Kiosks are vital marketing tools and give you the edge over the competition. If you are planning to participate in an exhibition, you must invest in a well thought out exhibition stand to make your presence important at the show. Always remember, your exhibition stand is an extension of your brand. It should be attractive, meaningful, and well-located to draw customers from every corner of the trade show.

Let’s have a look at some winning exhibition stand ideas that you can implement in your upcoming trade event.

Display the latest products and services to bring life to your stand

Make your stand look attractive and meaningful by updating it with latest products and services in an exciting manner. Think out of the box and portray them in a way that they pull customers and excite the audience. For example, if you are dealing with organic products, then give your stand an all-natural look by covering the wall with artificial grass. Your exhibition stand designer can help you in creating a unique booth for your upcoming trade show.

Create an inviting atmosphere inside the stand to draw traffic

Try making a place where conversations happen. By creating an inviting atmosphere inside the stand, you can draw the visitor’s attention naturally. You can create an engaging atmosphere inside by simply adding string lighting and attractive graphics. Ask your stand staff to be interactive with clients to keep them involved in the conversation. With a nice and comfortable lounge area, exhibition guests will get time to study your products for longer and increase your brand recall.

Lighten up your booth to stand out from your competitors

It is true that the fluorescent strip lighting above the stand hardly ever excites the audience. However, by adding lights in your brand colour, you can make your stand look different from your competitors. Other lighting elements such as LED projectors can create light displays to attract visitors especially when it’s night. At the end of the day, your exhibition stand is a reflection of your brand and so it should look more like a sales kiosk than anything else.

Use the latest technology at your stand to attract the audience

Take full advantage of latest technology to upgrade your exhibition stand design. If you are planning to offer free Wi-Fi at your stand, great! Giving quick access to visitors and workers will help you send purchase-related emails whenever needed. You can also use an augmented reality game to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere inside the stand and eventually excite visitors. Using the latest tech in your exhibition stand is one of the best ways to attract visitors.

Be unique and memorable when it comes to offering freebies

The best way to make yourself look different from your competitor is to offer unique and memorable freebies to your customers. By offering a well thought out and memorable gift item such as branded bags, sunglasses, wallets, coffee maker, pens, customized mugs, portable chargers, sippers, etc. you can make your competitor feel jealous about your set up. All you need to do is make sure that you are strategic with brand placement. You brand logo must be in place and should be seen when in use.

An exhibition is a great way to promote business amid a large group of people and meet customers personally. Make your participation memorable by hiring a professional exhibition stand manufacturer to turn your show into a successful event.

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