5 Innovative Ideas to Make Striking First Impression at an Exhibition

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5 Innovative Ideas to Make Striking First Impression at an Exhibition

Since exhibitions are a great source to generate quality leads for your business, making a good first impression on your potential customers at trade shows is of extreme importance to any exhibitor. Exhibiting is quite an expensive affair, both money and time-wise, so exhibitors expect to have an increase in their ROI. And, if you are a veteran exhibitor, you’d understand how significant it is to put your best foot forward in exhibitions, as they offer a plethora of opportunities to increase brand awareness, expand your customer base, and enhance valuable business networking.

However, you’d require the services of a prominent exhibition stand fabricator in Germany if you wish to stand apart from your competitors at trade shows. Blueprint Global is counted among the prominent exhibition stand design companies in Germany that provide complete exhibition services across Europe within your budget and help you stand out from other exhibitors.

We have penned down 5 innovative ideas that can help you make a great first impression on your potential customers at any trade show:

Have a creative and unique exhibition stand design idea: Do you want to have a great impact at a trade show? Then, having an inspiring and engaging stand is a must for you. Your creative and distinctive exhibition stand design is the first thing that your potential customers will look at during the event. So, you need to come up with innovative and unique exhibition stand design ideas that will not only set you apart from other exhibitors but also increase visitor interaction at your exhibition stand.

Incorporate an interactive technology in your exhibition stand: Every exhibitor participates in trade shows to capture quality leads and to leave an unforgettable impression on your potential customers. So, how will you be able to do so among the sea of exhibitors who are also competing to capture the attention of attendees? The answer is, by incorporating interactive technologies, like AR/VR, and touch screens. You can have a product demonstration at your booth through VR technology in order to impress your audience at an exhibition, or introduce some games and contests to keep your target audience engaged at your booth.

Have a detailed budget planning: As we all know investing in an exhibition is quite expensive, so, you must carefully plan your exhibition budget in a detail. Planning your exhibition budget way ahead of time helps you analyze your different exhibition stand design ideas and you can choose accordingly, and it also helps in avoiding any last-minute changes in your exhibition stand. But you can save a lot of your time and money when you team up with the best exhibition stand builder in Germany that provides complete exhibition services for you at an affordable price. They take care of all the background work for you, from visualization to designing, building, shipping, installing, and dismantling, so that you can focus on impressing your potential customers at the event with your bespoke exhibition design.

Provide a relaxing space in your exhibition stand for visitors: Exhibitions could be very tiring for trade visitors and they may lose their energy by walking from one booth to another all day long. So, providing a comfortable seating area for your booth visitors where they can unwind and relax from the hustle and bustle of the exhibition is a good idea. You can also offer them some refreshments or incorporate a mobile charging station at your booth, in order to keep them engaged at your stand. This way, you’ll be able to increase foot traffic at your booth and also leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Have a well-trained booth staff: How will you be able to keep your booth visitors engaged and interested in your brand? This is where having well-trained and highly-skilled booth staff can help you out. The staff at your booth must have a good knowledge of your brand so that they can provide the right information to your potential customers. It will also benefit you to have at least one senior member of your team always present at your exhibition stand which shows your dedication to your business.


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