5 Must-Know Tips About Trade Show Basics

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5 Must-Know Tips About Trade Show Basics

Trade shows present an excellent opportunity for you to build brand awareness and gain the interest of your intended target audience. In fact, studies have shown that trade show marketing strategies are incomparable to other marketing platforms. Exhibitions and trade shows are significantly different than traditional marketing practices as it offers an opportunity for you to make the right impression on targeted audience.

If you are exhibiting for the first time, you might be a little anxious about your exhibition participation, or if you are a veteran exhibitor, you might need some tips to help you get your desired trade show outcome.

Following these tips will help you bring out the best brand traits in front of your target audience:

Check the regulations for electrical equipment: Various types of electrical equipment like cords, power strips, etc. are required at a booth during the event but not every exhibition venue will give you permission to use them. So, it’s better if you check out all the rules and regulations for using electrical equipment at your booth beforehand as it gives you enough time to get the proper equipment that you can operate within your exhibit.

Don’t forget to follow the line-of-sight rule: According to the line-of-sight rule, you cannot place items that are more than four inches tall in the front half of your booth. Also, you cannot place anything that may obstruct the view of people in your next exhibit.

Abide by rules when providing refreshments at your booth: Exhibitions tend to have strict food and beverage rules that you must abide by. Unless you’re in the food/beverage business, you might need a waiver or pay fees to the caterer at the venue. Furthermore, if you’re planning to serve liquor at your booth, then you’ll need the services of a bartender who works at the venue for serving liquor at your booth.

A well-staffed exhibition booth: Always make sure that your exhibit is well-staffed at all times. Select your booth staff wisely as they will be representing your brand on the international platform, so they have to be properly trained before the exhibition. If one member of your staff needs to use the restroom or grab a drink, your exhibit should still have rest of the team members that will not let any opportunity pass them by. So, having a well-trained as well as well-staffed booth is very important to grab a lead generation opportunity.

Good communication skills: When on the show floor, you’ll only have seven seconds to make the right impression on your audience to keep them interested in talking about your business. So, practicing good communication and learning about gestures and body language before exhibiting at the show is very beneficial in capturing leads at the event. Always be smiling and show your enthusiasm when talking to a prospect during the event.

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