5 Simple Steps to Succeed at a Trade Show

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5 Simple Steps to Succeed at a Trade Show

Planning a successful trade show is not only time-consuming and expensive but also requires resilience, organization, and an innovative mindset. So, are trade shows worth it? Yes, absolutely, they are. They are of extreme importance for B2B marketers. Trade shows not only help in generating an increased number of leads, but also help get valuable information regarding your competitors, understand the customer needs, and also give an opportunity to discover the latest industry trends and developments.

Since trade shows are an expensive investment for companies, they also would want to get the maximum return on their investments. Therefore, we have assimilated a few simple steps to maximize your ROI and make your trade show participation a success. Here they are:

Define your purpose for participation and budget requirements: The first thing you have to do is define your goals and purpose of participation. Whether you’re participating for the purpose of capturing data, enhancing brand awareness, generating increased revenue, or building new and profitable business connections, you have to keep that in mind while preparing your budget. While preparing your budget, you should take into consideration the cost of building an exhibition stand, personnel overnight stay, electricity & wi-fi expenses, and any other miscellaneous expenses as well.

Bring your best staff to man the booth: Since your booth staff represents your company at any trade show, they must be properly trained and have relevant knowledge regarding your products and services. When you have a staff that is approachable, amiable, knowledgeable, and friendly, they are able to attract visitors to your exhibition stand. It is always a better choice to give them responsibilities based on their strengths before the exhibition starts so that they can perform their duties well.

Use technology and multimedia: Proper use of technologies like VR, AR, digital displays, and kiosks, help catch the eye of any passerby at your exhibition stand. You can also introduce your company and products by using multimedia channels, such as a video display. Using these tactics will surely get the attention of trade visitors.

Be social-media savvy: Social media plays a very important role in making your trade show a success. Many people are now on social media, like Instagram and Facebook, you can take advantage of these platforms to capture the interest of your potential clients. By posting the relevant images, and information regarding your trade fair participation, using the proper hashtags and captions, you can create a buzz about your brand. You can even live stream the event on your social media. Posting relevant images and information about your business and exhibition stand before, after, and during the exhibition, helps in maximizing your ROI.

Offer unique and branded giveaways: There are a lot of options for providing freebies to your audiences, such as brochures, business cards, pens, and mugs with your brand and logo on them. In order to make memorable impressions on the minds of your prospective customers, you need to think creatively regarding your giveaways, such as pen drives, and key chains.

For a successful trade show participation, and exhibition stand that will be able to pull in big crowds at any event, you will need to collaborate with experienced and professional exhibition stand builders that provide complete exhibition services across Europe and worldwide at cost-effective pricing.

If you’re planning to take part in the upcoming exhibitions, then consider Blueprint Global for providing world-class exhibition stand design and build services within your budget. Contact us and give us a chance to bring life to your exhibition stand concept and ideas with our alluring, engaging, interactive, and bespoke exhibition stand designs.

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