7 Smart Ideas to Attract Visitors to Your Trade Show Booth

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7 Smart Ideas to Attract Visitors to Your Trade Show Booth

There is a lot of competition among exhibitors at a trade show, as everyone there is trying to get the attention of their potential customers, get leads and generate sales. So, it becomes quite challenging to captivate the interest of your target audience when you’re being compared to others, based on their trade show booth appearance, how their staff interacts with attendees, and how visitors are being treated.

Here, at Blueprint Global, a prominent exhibition booth builder company that provides complete exhibition stand services all across Europe and worldwide, we work hard to provide engaging, creative, and cost-effective exhibition stands that helps pull in big crowds at your booth. Whether you have money to spend or you have a budget constraint, we can definitely assist you in getting the right stand for your business.

We understand the importance of exhibiting and how helpful it can be for companies to not only make their name in the international market but to enhance their business growth, and for this reason, we have come up with a few smart ideas that can attract visitors to your trade show booth.

  • Social media promotion: Build up the hype for your exhibition stand long before the show even starts by posting relevant content and images to your company’s social media pages. You can post some interesting information regarding the event, or your product and services along with relevant pictures and videos mentioning your booth number and location at the venue to keep your online audience interested. You can also write blog posts, send e-newsletters and advertise online to build excitement for your trade show booth. Don’t forget to post and comment on social media before, during, and after the trade fair.
  • Engage visitors by hosting games and event at your booth: One of the best ways to keep your potential customers engaged at your exhibition booth is to host an event, be it a celebrity signing or a product demonstration. You can also host games like a raffle or competition and offer a prize to the winner. It is beneficial to host an event or a game as it provides the opportunity to collect the contact details of attendees. You can also host a competition on social media and reveal the winner at your trade show booth to keep your audience interested.
  • Bring in the WOW factor with a slideshow and video at your exhibition stand: You can create slideshows and videos related to your trade show participation and show what you will be offering. The video needs to be engaging and informative so that when you are busy attending to customers at your booth, while your prospects are waiting, they can watch the video or a slideshow and get information that they require through your video. The best thing about videos is that they can be posted on your website and your social media page. Just make sure that your video isn’t too long.
  • Get well trained booth staff: Since your booth staff will be representing your company at any exhibition, they need to be well informed and properly trained. When you assign different responsibilities to your booth staff based on their strengths, they can attract visitors to your booth by being informative, amiable, and approachable.
  • Provide a fun photo experience at your booth for visitors: Attendees will have a lot of fun in your photo booth while using props to make the photos funnier. You can ask them to share their photos on social media by tagging your company and using the hashtag of the event. You can provide the branded instant hard copies of photos to your attendees and when they share these photos on social media, your brand will be seen by a larger audience.
  • Offer food, beverages, and a place to unwind: Attendees get exhausted at exhibitions and would love to recharge their batteries. So, by providing a space in your booth for trade visitors to just relax and have some refreshments or provide them with a mobile charging station, they will flock to your exhibition booth to unwind.
  • Offer something memorable and unique as freebies: Everyone loves a free product and at trade shows, your giveaways need to be really unique and impressive. You will be competing with your peers to get noticed, so, in order to leave lasting impressions on your prospective customers, you have to come up with an original and creative giveaway. Don’t even think about giving pens, or cups as freebies, rather you can provide caps, or pen drives as giveaways with your company name and logo.

Are you exhibiting for the first time or have you exhibited before at a trade show? If you have exhibited before, let us know what strategies did you consider to attract visitors to your exhibition stand.

If you are in need of an engaging, alluring, and innovative exhibition stand that can catch the eye of your potential clients at an event, then give us a call. We’d be thrilled to provide our exemplary exhibition stand design services to you across Europe and worldwide.

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