Five Things to Consider While Preparing Budget for Your Exhibition Stand

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Five Things to Consider While Preparing Budget for Your Exhibition Stand

It doesn’t matter whether you’re exhibiting for the first time or you’re an old-timer exhibitor, preparing a budget for your exhibition stands could be quite challenging. You have to give a lot of thought to all the critical areas that may influence your budgeting. In order to get better ROI, you need to plan a well-thought and all-inclusive budget.

Certain factors like collaborating with exhibition stand builders for your business can definitely help you in preparing a better budgeting plan for your booth. We have accumulated five aspects that you need to consider to help you manage your stand cost-efficiently. Following is the rundown of your sure-fire budget plans:

Consider the size, structure, and design of your exhibition stand: The first thing you have to understand in allocating your budget properly is that the cost will vary depending on the size and location of your stand at the venue. It means that if you have budget constraints, then you can use the floor space that you have rented to creatively build a stand that can encompass all your business goals and objectives, like a two-story stand, which will be comparatively less expensive than renting the same area on the exhibition floor. The type of structure you want for your stand also influence your budget, such as conventional structures are much cheaper than the customized ones.

Invest in a reusable exhibition stand: The highlight of your trade fair is your exhibition stand which not only presents a positive image of your brand on an international platform but also grabs the attention of your prospective customers at the exhibition. The cost of your booth will vary depending upon the type of stand that you choose. If you have budget constraints, then you can choose to either rent or buy an exhibition stand that can be used again and again. But if you have money to spend, then custom-built stands are a must to draw in more attendees to your booth at the show.

Partner with exhibition booth builders that have an in-house facility: It is always a better option to collaborate with a reliable exhibition stand builder company that has an in-house printing and manufacturing facility as it helps in assembling your stand at the venue and any last-minute changes to your stand designs can be easily managed. It’s cost-effective to partner with an exhibition stand design company that offers complete stand services in Europe, and worldwide.

Look out for any hidden costs: Sometimes the cost of electricity is billed with the booking price of your floor space at the venue but some exhibition halls may need you to pay electricity costs separately. You need to be clear about if the expenses of any additional electric product that you may need for demonstration at the booth, or furniture used, and internet services at the booth are billed separately or if they will be included in the floor space you have rented. Because it can make a significant amount of difference to the overall budget. You can always rely on a booth builder company to plan your stand within your specified budget.


  1. Personal expenses: The salary of all the booth staff, staff training cost, transportation cost, accommodation cost, and uniform cost of booth staff will come under this category. Moreover, you also need to pay for a few temporary staff for your exhibition stand.

Finally, you can use the money saved from these tips to invest in an exhibition stand that catches the eye of your target audience at the trade fair. Blueprint Global is your single source of exhibition stand builders in Europe that provides full exhibition stand services and solutions across Europe and around the world.

You can connect with us today for your stand requirements via email at , or call us at +48-616-257-812 to discuss your upcoming project.

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