How to ‘Lure’ the Audience at Trade Fairs to Your Exhibition Stand

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How to ‘Lure’ the Audience at Trade Fairs to Your Exhibition Stand

Exhibitions offer numerous opportunities for business growth as it provides an international platform for businesses to expand their customer base, build new profitable connections, and build a positive image of your brand in the global marketplace. It presents a global platform where you are competing against hundreds of your competitors from around the world to catch the eye of your prospective customers.

When you have taken the initiative to participate in the exhibition, why not go the extra mile to entice your prospective customers. In order to lure the attendees to your booth, you’ll need to encourage interaction at your stand and make it more appealing and engaging.

Below are several ways through which you can attract more visitors to your exhibition stands:

Pre-show promotion through different marketing tactics: Promoting your stand before the event gives your audience an opportunity to be well aware of your products and services. Different marketing tactics can be used to catch the eye of your prospective audience, such as posting a blog or using hashtags on social media. Attendees need to have a clear picture of your products and services so that they can make a beeline to your stand during the event.

Wisely use your current network of clients: You can invite your current clients to your booth throughout the exhibition so that your stand appears engaging and interactive. What better way to lure in your prospective visitors than your current clients?

Be aesthetically enticing: Your exhibition stand should be visually impactful and for that, you will need an exhibition stand company to make you a stand that is tailor-made to your individual requirements and wishes. Your exhibition booth builders will know the right way to incorporate your logo and brand into your stand in order to make your brand the essence of your business. So, research before hiring a professional exhibition stand builder company for your business.

Introduce engaging and interactive technology: An exhibition stand company knows how to keep your prospective visitors busy at your booth. Incorporating the latest technology into your exhibition stand will definitely attract more attendees to your booth, such as playing videos on large LEDs, or games. Your attendees can watch the video at your booth while you’re busy with other visitors. If you have some interactive games and competitions at your booth, make sure your audience knows about them.

  1. Provide a relaxing environment: Exhibitions can be quite overwhelming for attendees. They might need a break from all the hubbubs of the event to unwind themselves. Your exhibition stand must be simple and welcoming, with a comfortable seating arrangement, such as beanbags and a lounge area. Offering refreshments and free wi-fi at your exhibition booth is an excellent way to attract more attendees to your stand as well.

Bring your best team forward: Choosing your team members is crucial as they represent your business at the exhibition. So, they need to look professional yet approachable. The staff at your booth needs to be appropriately trained and have proper knowledge of your products and services. If an attendee needs to know the details of one of your showcased products or service, the staff members should be able to provide a suitable response to them with confidence.

Giveaways should be unique and valuable: While pens, mugs, and other kinds of stationery products are the most common giveaways but they don’t really serve your business purpose. Although giving away brochures or prospectus serves the business purpose and is unique to your brand, you can still think creatively and offer something a little different and useful to give away to your prospective customers.


Always remember to never be an overly aggressive salesman during the exhibition. You aren’t just selling an individual product but creating a positive image of your brand in this international marketspace. Also, you need to be social media savvy in order to generate more leads. Correct use of live streaming through Instagram and proper use of hashtags can be used to connect with your prospective customers at the exhibition.

If you need assistance in building bespoke and alluring stands for your business that can generate more traffic at your booth, then Blueprint Global is your reliable exhibition stand builder company that provides comprehensive exhibition services and solutions around the world. Whether you require a bespoke custom-built stand, cost-effective modular stand, spacious two-story stand, or an alluring country pavilion stand, we are at your service.

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