How to set up your exhibition stand efficiently

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How to set up your exhibition stand efficiently

Choosing the right method to display products in a trade show is a challenge for many exhibitors, especially those participating for the first time. There are a lot of things that need to be done before setting up an exhibition stand. If you have already hired an exhibition stand builder to help you in the project then adding a few elements can jazz up your space. However, it’s important to know what items to buy for the trade show to stand out in the event. Here are some tips to set up your exhibition stand smartly for a smooth experience.

Keeping less but attractive furniture & décor

An attractive and well functional exhibition stand always attracts attendees. It is important to make your display look appealing and one can do it with the help of attractive furniture and décor. If your booth space is small, try adding limited furniture but the good-looking ones. Something unique and comfortable certainly attracts more people. Ask your exhibition stand builder to keep less but meaningful furniture in the stand.

Using roller banners to display brand information

One of the smart ways to make your stand look interesting is using the roller banners to display the company’s important information. Use eye-catching banners in places where there are a lot of items that you don’t want to show to attendees. Also, if your stand is not at the key location, big size banners will grab some eyeballs even in a crowded exhibition ground. Make sure your exhibition stand contractor understand your taste and build you a unique banner.

Offering meaningful gifts to potential customers

Consider giving meaningful gifts to attendees in exhibitions. Something that will make them come back to you or builds a strong impression of your brand. Goodies at exhibitions are significant for you as well as the attendees, therefore, try to make them as attractive as possible. If you are thinking of giving electronics like a USB charger, coffee maker, electric mug, Pen drive, earphones, etc. make sure they are of good quality.

Having a separate space for the information collection

You will need the assistance of your exhibition stand company to create a separate space dedicated to meetings and information collection. An exhibition stand is made keeping in mind both casual walkers and information seekers. It should have a comfortable seating area as well as a separate information desk for people seeking assistance. Your information desk must feature a table, chairs, clipboard, business card bowl, and a laptop.

Creating a hideaway to keep personal belongings

Taking care of little things like creating a hideaway to keep the personal items of the stand staff is a great way of maintaining a clutter-free ambiance. The trade show stand looks messier when the personal items like keys, phones, lunch bags, coffee mugs, and wallets are left unattended on the table. By creating storage, you can put your personal items safely making the surroundings look tidy and professional.

When you have a well-efficient stand, you can do a lot in terms of increasing traffic at your exhibition stall. So, the next time you attend a trade show, make sure you set up a smart and well functional exhibition stand.

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