Increase Footfall at Your Exhibition Stand with the Right Mix of Colors

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Increase Footfall at Your Exhibition Stand with the Right Mix of Colors

Being an exhibitor, you know how significant it is to have a unique, alluring, engaging, and interactive exhibition stand design but do you know that having the right mix of colors for your stand helps determine the mood and theme of your stand design?

Colors play a crucial role that acts as a visual cue for visitors and helps your brand to be acknowledged. Creative use of colors helps in drawing attention to your brand while perfectly conveying the theme of your exhibition stand design and making it recognizable by your prospective clients at the event.

That is why certain stand designs work while others don’t. You should understand that having the correct utilization of color scheme for your exhibit plays a significant role in getting your brand recognized as well as influencing your booth visitors and buyers.

You can take this knowledge into consideration while planning your next exhibition stand design. Now, let us understand the meaning behind using the three basic colors for your exhibition stand design:

  1. Consider Black to Make an Impact on your audience: The color black is generally perceived to be a color of sophistication and incorporating it in your stand graphics conveys your authority and status. Black also helps in making your products look glamorous and unique.

Choose Red to Make your Stand Look Alive: The color red tends to provoke the strongest emotions out of any other color. It is linked with love, passion, power, and anger, and is also used to convey danger and warning. But it is the easiest color to spot, therefore, you can choose it for your hanging banners.

Use Orange to Instill Passion: Orange is the color that radiates warmth, high energy, enthusiasm, and fun. Teenagers and children are more attracted to this color in comparison to the older generation. If you want your exhibition stand to appear lively and your booth staff to come as friendly and approachable, then you should consider incorporating orange color in your exhibition stand design.

You don’t necessarily have to use just these three colors in your exhibition stand design, as we are here to help you look beyond these basic color schemes to influence your visitors. Do you want to make your exhibition stand design look more exciting? Then, consider adding colors that are similar to the color scheme of your brand or colors that pair well with your brand and make it appear rich, harmonious, and lively. You can find certain color wheels online like RGB, to help guide you in finding the analogous colors for your exhibition stand design.

Strengthen the Aesthetic Appeal of your Trade Show booth

There isn’t much you can do with the color of your brand logo, but you can surely beautify the exhibition stand graphics around your logo with the correct blend of colors. You can choose colors that look complementary to the color of your logo and provides a 3D appeal to it. In order to boost your trade show appearance, you can also consider complementary colors for your stand accessories, equipment, and for the uniforms of your booth staff. The best way to boost your trade show presence is to use different hues of the same color, however, use of multiple colors in your exhibition stand graphics should be avoided.

What Other Aspects can be Considered to Maximize Visitor Interaction at your Booth?

You can consider the flooring, staff uniforms, counters, and giveaways to be of colors that pair well with the color scheme of your exhibition stand graphics. Color-coordinated staff uniforms when matched with your exhibition stand design allow attendees to recognize them well. Selecting the color for the flooring to give it a fresh and relaxing appeal, looks like another aspect to increase foot traffic at your exhibition stand.

Do you know that colors tend to have a huge psychological impact and can stir people’s emotions? You should take into consideration the age group of your target audience and decide which color might attract them to your exhibition stand.

If you’re planning to participate in the upcoming exhibitions, then you should consider partnering with the best exhibition stand builder, i.e., Blueprint Global, that helps you achieve your exhibiting goals. We have years of experience in building engaging, interactive, innovative, and aesthetically pleasing stands that are tailor-made as per clients’ requirements.

You can connect with us at and discuss what works best for your exhibit.

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