Interesting Advertising Ideas to Stand Out in a Trade Fair

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Interesting Advertising Ideas to Stand Out in a Trade Fair

Are you participating in a trade exhibition? What is your advertising strategy to stand out during a show? Trade shows are a great way to represent your work amid a large audience. To jazz up your display in an upcoming event, follow some advertising ideas and add value to your presentation. You can hire an experienced exhibition stand builder to build a reliable stand and offer amazing advertising ideas to make a great presence in the show. We have uncovered five amazing advertising ideas for better performance in the tradeshow.

Start promotion before anyone else

The best way to advertise your brand for an event is an early promotion. If your company is launching anything exclusive, you can promote it among people with the help of campaigns, advertisements, etc. An early promotion will help you stand out amongst a hundred other trade show exhibitors. You can run a campaign of a special discount code, or “buy one get one free” offer or a chance to win some free goodies at the event.

Organize a launch event before the exhibition

Like we said before if you have a new product or service coming up, organize a launch event to let people know about the product. This is a great way to be on the minds of attendees on the day of the show. The press and media may feature you in a tradeshow-related coverage and this will further boost your performance on the day of the exhibition.

Invite a guest to your booth

Trade shows give an opportunity to create a brand and bring a product to life. You can do it with the help of custom graphics, roller banners, wall art and a guest celebrity at your booth on the day of the event. This is a great way to encourage attendees to visit your booth and insist them on spending more time at your stand when the show is running. You can also arrange a special on-stand drinks ceremony for attendees at your booth.

Set up a competition among attendees

One of the best ways to attract a large number of attendees at the stand is starting a competition like an on-stand tournament, gaming session, lucky draw, etc. This helps in increasing stand presence with visitors. Competition is even better when you are announcing the winners at the event itself through a mini-presentation. This ensures great presence by visitors.

Offer attractive and meaningful giveaways

An exhibition is a place where giveaways and freebies are distributed like candies to attendees. It is important to offer a giveaway on your stand to increase the footfall. Make sure you offer giveaways that are attractive as well as a meaningful like a sweet box, bag, sipper, or something more practical like a USB charger, pen drive, etc. Please ensure that the giveaways are useful and attract more visitors onto your stand.

These advertising ideas are great to stand out in an exhibition. If you are going to participate in an exhibition anytime soon, hire a reliable exhibition stand company to look after all your pre and post exhibition stand requirements.

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