Is it Valuable to Participate in an Exhibition in Today’s Digital Era?

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Is it Valuable to Participate in an Exhibition in Today’s Digital Era?

In today’s digital age where everything business related is mostly done on the internet, which is comparatively less expensive, then why should one consider participating in an exhibition? Why should a company spend more money for physical version of trade shows when the much cheaper substitute of virtual edition can be a viable option for them too?

Despite the size of your company – be it a multimillion-dollar corporation, or a start-up trying to set its foot in the industry, exhibiting at trade fairs can be no doubt expensive, time consuming, stressful and troublesome but it has immense opportunities for business growth that you won’t get anywhere else. You can meet and learn from your industry peers about their marketing strategies; get direct feedback and opinions about your company and brand from your current and prospective customers, and enhance your brand’s presence on the global platform.

But the real question is, “Is it valuable to exhibit in a trade fair?” The answer is an absolute YES. So, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why exhibiting at a trade fair should be on your radar.

  1. Have face-to-face interactions with your prospective customers: You are given this opportunity to meet and interact face-to-face with potential clients instead of emailing and cold calling, where you’re just a voice they don’t know. But when they interact with you in person, it becomes easier for them to build trust which is very crucial in getting new clients. Participating in trade shows provides you with an experience that beats every kind of online interaction as it allows your business to reach out to a much larger and receptive pool of audience.

 Know your competitors well to stay ahead of them: Exhibition offers you a rare opportunity to check out your competitors in the global marketspace rather than seeking them out online. To experience first-hand how your industry peers are doing, attracting more visitors and understanding how they are received by the attendees can help you learn what is and isn’t working. This allows you to create better business strategies for future.

 Opportunity to enhance your brand’s presence on a global platform: Exhibitions offers an international platform to boost your brand’s image among the most receptive clients. Just having a stand at the exhibition is not enough for your business to have a name, you’ll need an eye-catching exhibition stand design for your booth that can turn the heads of attendees. The more attention-grabbing your stand is, the more leads you are able to get home with.

 Establish profitable business connections: Trade show allows you to have a two-sided exhibiting strategy as you won’t just get a chance to interact with your potential clients but prospective vendors too. You’ll be given an opportunity to not only expand your customer base but to make some profitable connections as well. You can expand your supply chain and give a boost to your business growth.

Generate more leads and close new deals: Atmosphere at exhibitions for sales and marketing is more relaxed because the attendees come at such events with the mindset of purchasing. You’ll need to understand how to approach your prospective clients to not only get a new lead but to close the deal as well. These shows are extremely useful for acquiring business if you have the right strategy for it.

Get direct feedback from your target audience: Customer feedback in the form of surveys is good but not reliable. When you get direct feedback from your prospective clients, you’re given this opportunity to understand which business strategy is not working for you, where are you lacking and what your prospective client’s mindset is about your products and services.


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