Significance of Building an Effective Brief for your Exhibition Stand Design in Cologne

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Significance of Building an Effective Brief for your Exhibition Stand Design in Cologne

Did you ever wonder what possibly could be the purpose of an exhibition stand brief? Well, preparing a stand brief is very crucial for every exhibiting company. It might not be the most daunting of tasks but when you prepare a detailed summation of your exhibition stand brief for your exhibition booth builder in Cologne, it becomes easier to design and construct a stand per your particular individual demands that perfectly suits well with your exhibition stand, business, and budgetary specifications.


We have managed to enlist a few important reasons for writing a detailed stand brief in order to make your exhibition booth construction in Cologne a much simpler and smoother process:

  • Understand the exhibiting goal: First of all, you need to determine the purpose of your participation in the exhibition. Whether you’re exhibiting to generate more sales, attract maximum visitors to your booth, or launch a new product, you should clearly state that in the stand brief. Once your exhibition stand design company in Cologne understands your exhibiting goals, it becomes easier for them to align with your specific stand-building demands.
  • Budget: This is one of the most important factors that every exhibitor must determine before the initiation of your stand design and build process. Once you mention your exhibiting budget, the exhibition booth builders that you hire can do a much better job at providing you with the best results within your given budget.
  • Know your target audience: Before initiating the process of your booth construction, you must consider who your target audience is. Researching the demographics, age, profession, preferences, and interests of your target audience would prove to be beneficial for you as you’d be able to spark an interest among them with the stunning visual appeal of your exhibition stands.
  • Branding your stand to increase your brand visibility: Your brand’s guidelines must be specified in your design brief. It ensures that your exhibition stand is a perfect reflection of your brand at the fairground. By including your brand’s logo, graphics, and signage in your stand design, you maximize the chances of gaining the attention of your target audience.
  • Incorporate technology to gain visitor’s attention: The best way to catch the eye of your target audience on the show floor is by integrating the latest technology in your booth. Augmented reality, virtual reality, interactive displays, touch screens, and motion sensing LED floors are some of the technologies that exhibition stand manufacturers like to include in your stand design to enhance visitor engagement at your booth.
  • Know the mandatory requirements: Your exhibition stand brief contains a lot of important information and one among them is the floor plan and the mention of any specific or mandatory requirement of yours, like reception area, meeting rooms, storage rooms, and such. It not only helps your exhibition stand builder in Cologne to understand your stand requirements in a better way but also helps provide you with a stand that is an exact replica of your stand brief.
  • Integrate creative elements into your exhibition stand design: Creative stand design elements include the proper use of lighting in the booth. When lighting is used effectively in the exhibition stand, it enhances the entire appeal of your business. It helps focus on your brand and the products/services that you offer and increase visitor interaction as well. Another way to keep your audience busy is to incorporate a few games, or interactive activities like raffle, or trivia.
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