Steps to Find the Right Display for Your Trade Show Booth in Frankfurt

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The first thing that your target audience will look for upon entering the fairground is the visual appeal of your exhibition stand. So, preparing a trade show booth design and display that hooks the audiences with its stunning visual appeal not only provides a memorable experience for your clients but also enhances your brand visibility on the show floor.

You can consider collaborating with a reliable and professional exhibition booth builder in Frankfurt that is competent in presenting your brand story in an effective and efficient manner. If you’re searching for an ideal exhibiting partner that can help you stay ahead of the competition on the show floor, then teaming up with Blueprint Sp. Z.o.o. will help you achieve your desired exhibiting outcome.

Now, let’s see the various types of displays that can help your business get noticed at the fairground. Mentioned below are some of the best trade show displays that helps in capturing the interest of your target audience:

1. Incorporating Modern Technology: Modern technologies, such as 3D mapping, AI, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality, help enhance the overall appeal of your trade show booth. A lot of companies are using these technologies nowadays to increase visitor engagement at their booth. It doesn’t just add a cool component to your exhibition stand design but lets you gain a competitive edge over your rivals at the event. So, if you’re looking forward to enticing the attendees to visit your booth, don’t forget to integrate the interactive technology into your stand.

2. Panel Systems: Like a Pop-Up display, a Panel trade show exhibit can also be used as a solid back wall to your booth. One distinctive feature of these types of displays is that they tend to be more structural in nature and hence can be used in a number of ways. Although a standard panel can be utilized as a table top display or a back wall, these can be customized as per the client’s requirement too. These custom panel display systems are generally used to build an island exhibition stand that includes back lighting, product display, counters, and many more. You can cover the panel trade show systems in Hook & Loop receptive fabrics, lamination, and visually pleasing graphics too.

3. Hybrid Exhibit Displays: Hybrid displays are a brilliant option that helps you outclass your rivals on the show floor, as they are neither expensive like custom booths nor ordinary like a pop-up display system. These types of displays add great value to exhibiting by offering a display system that uses metal excursions, graphics, dye-cut panels, and counters. Hybrid displays may not be as portable and easy to set up as pop-up displays but they can be fitted into a number of panels.

4. Tension Fabric System Displays: Tension fabric displays give a unique visual appeal, as it uses aluminium poles & extrusions, and large fabric graphics to build outstanding booth walls. Adding accessories like lights, shelves, counters, and monitors will greatly enhance the overall appearance of your exhibition stand.

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