The Four Biggest Exhibition Trends You Must Know

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The Four Biggest Exhibition Trends You Must Know

An exhibition is an international platform where business owners, marketers, and vendors come together from all around the world in order to make lasting impressions on their target audiences. Since the exhibition industry is evolving every day, exhibitors need to think of unique exhibition stand design ideas and concepts to capture the interest of their potential customers.

Do you wish to make a rightful impression on the mindset of your prospective customers at the exhibitions? Then, you must keep yourself up-to-date with the latest trends in the exhibition industry. Doing so not only helps your business to flourish but also helps you in reaching out to your target audience at any event.

Following are four of the latest exhibition industry trends that every exhibitor must know:

  1. Incorporating Advanced Technology in your Exhibition Stand: Technology is being evolved on a daily basis at an impressive pace. So, you have to include hi-tech in your exhibit design in order to take the customer experience to the next level. In addition to the virtual reality and artificial intelligence, that keeps your customer engaged at the booth by providing an immersive experience. Do you know what would grab the attention of your target audience at the event? Having robotic assistance. It has been a fascination among people and will surely capture their interest. Incorporating AI in your exhibit will also help lure in the audience to your exhibition stand as well. Nowadays, holograms, robots, and VR are among the latest technologies that help transform your ordinary stand into an amazing one.


  1. Use the Power of Social-Media: Social media is not a new concept but some of the exhibitors are not keen on using this powerful tool. Nowadays you can observe an upsurge in the use of social media throughout the event. In this digital era people can find everything online, so you must grab the attention of your potential clients who are active on their social media platforms. It enables you to connect to your prospects and business partners.


  1. Create a Memorable Experience for your Potential Customers: Do you think your work is over by just drawing potential clients to your exhibition stand? Think again. You need to create a memorable experience for your audience by engaging them at your exhibit with some interactive games, contests, photo booths, or VR games. By including a photo wall or banners, your exhibition stand design will definitely captivate the interest of your target audience at the event.


  1. Using Mobile Apps the Right Way: There are several useful mobile applications in the markets that are quite useful that gives people directions to the exhibition venue, get to know about your exhibition stand design, arranging face-to-face meetings of exhibitors and organizers, and also provide interesting facts about the event.


About Blueprint Global:

We have established our name among the top exhibition stand builders in Germany, which offers complete exhibition stand design and build services across Europe at a competitive price. We offer a range of exhibition stand designs that are creative, bespoke, business-driven, and specifically built to include all your requirements while keeping your budget in mind.

The first thing you need to do before planning your exhibition participation is to get to know your target audience, your exhibiting goal, and your competitors in the industry. Select the exhibition trend that you think will create a huge impact on your target audience at the event.

You can reach out to us by sharing your exhibit requirements at or you can also connect with us by filling out our enquiry form on our website

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