Tips and Ideas to Make Your Trade Show Booth Stand Out at Exhibitions

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Tips and Ideas to Make Your Trade Show Booth Stand Out at Exhibitions

Trade shows provide the right amount of exposure for businesses to catch the attention of their prospective customers. Since exhibitions get a more receptive pool of audience, they are a perfect place to enhance business networking. Exhibitions are considered one of the most profitable B-2-B marketing platforms that offer a chance for people from similar industries to meet under one roof to mix, mingle and learn about the latest industry trends and developments.

When you plan to participate in a trade show, you also give your business an opportunity to enhance your business network, sales leads, and your brand awareness. But how will you catch the eye of your potential clients among flashy and gimmicky competitors?

Think strategically before spending your time and money on exhibition space to ensure maximum ROI. We have assembled a few tips and ideas that you can consider, to take your business to the next level:

Pre-Show Marketing to Build Hype in Advance: The first thing any exhibitor needs to do is to plan to create a buzz among the attendees, long before the exhibition will happen. They should build suspense with the help of their email campaign and promise a special surprise without revealing too much information so that your prospective customers would seek out your booth at the time of the event.

Invest in an Alluring Exhibition Stand Design: When you’re investing so much of your time and money in building your exhibition booth, why not let the best exhibition booth builder company assist you in building an eye-catching custom-made exhibition stand that will definitely help you outshine your competitors at the event. Exhibition stand companies offer the right solution for all your concerns regarding the exhibition stand services. You should collaborate with a booth design company that has an in-house graphic printing and manufacturing unit, to ensure high-standard exhibition stand designs and fine quality material within your budget.

Think of a Unique and Interesting Giveaway: In order to stand out from the crowd at a trade fair, an exhibitor should provide something unique, and unusual as a giveaway that is still interesting to your potential customers. You have endless options to choose from when thinking about giveaways, such as headphones, laptop skins, or even a Rubik’s cube instead of boring corporate pens and mugs.

Creating a Video of your Brand is Worth a Million: Having a professional-looking video of your brand, client testimonial, promo, and company overview helps make your booth stand out from the rest. The best part about it, is you can post it on social media platforms, like youtube, and vimeo to capture the interest of your potential customers.

Properly Trained Booth Staff: To be able to stand out among your competitors, you need not only to have an enticing exhibition stand but also have a properly trained and well-informed staff to man your booth. Since they will be representing your business at the event, they must be given proper duties based on their strengths, to perform at the event.

Providing Refreshments and a Place to Relax for your Potential Clients: The best way to a potential customer’s heart is through their stomachs. Exhibitions can be exhausting for attendees and they might need to unwind for a while before moving forward. What better way to outshine your competitors than to provide refreshments to your potential customers? And you can incorporate an open space in your stand design with a couch for them to relax. Another ways through which you can ‘lure’ them in, is to have a mobile charge station or a coffee counter.

Be Bold with your Graphics: You should have bold and bright graphics at your booth that have your logo, and company name on it. And it should be visible from across the exhibition hall so that your target audience is well aware of your presence and seek you out easily.

Be Social-Media Savvy and Don’t Forget to Tag, Mention, and Share: Click as many pictures of your exhibition stand as you can throughout the exhibition, and live stream the event if you can to get the maximum benefit out of your exhibition participation. Be social media savvy and use the trending hashtags before sharing your exhibition booth pics during and after the event to generate more leads.

Check out your Competition: Before your participation, seek out your competitors, and find out their exhibition strategies. Since there will be a lot of competition among exhibitors to catch the eye of their target audience, you need to bring in that wow factor to your exhibition stand. And the only way to do it is through research. Look for what your competitors bring to the global platform and try to outdo them within your budget. This can be achieved by collaborating with an exhibition stand builder that offers full and cost-effective exhibition services.

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