Try These Creative Stand Design Ideas for Your Next Trade Show

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Try These Creative Stand Design Ideas for Your Next Trade Show

Exhibitions are very crucial for businesses as they present an excellent opportunity for companies to boost their brand’s awareness internationally, increase their customer base, and build new business connections as well. Your exhibition space whether big or small is not going to help you attract maximum visitors but rather how you present your company in the space that you have at the fairground. Your exhibition stand design should be unique, engaging, interactive, creative, and alluring in order to grab the attention of your target audience at the event. Other exhibitors will also be trying to catch the eye of attendees, so, how will you make sure that your exhibit will get noticed by your potential customers? The answer is, by considering creative exhibition stand design ideas while building your booth.

Since exhibitions are such big investments in terms of your monetary expenditure and time, why not do it the right way to get the maximum benefit out of your exhibition participation? You can try these 6 creative stand design ideas for your next trade show to attract maximum visitors to your booth:

Use catchy slogans for your brand: You can strategically place some snappy and catchy slogans of your brand in your exhibition stand graphics to lure the audience to your booth. Another thing you can do with your text is to vary the font size, keep your brand’s message clear and concise, and use taglines instead of including your company bio.

Outshine your competitors with your lighting displays: Another idea to stand out from the others is by effective use of lighting. Adding lighting features to illuminate certain areas in your exhibition stand design helps to catch the eye of your target audience at the event. You can also use backlit LED lighting to highlight your graphics and get noticed at the exhibition. Adding color-changing edge-lit acrylic graphics would make your exhibition stand a show-stopper at the trade fair. It is actually a sheet of acrylic with your logo and brand engraved upon it, which lights up and changes colors while the background remains dark, making an illusion of floating logos.

Right color scheme: Choosing the correct color scheme in your exhibition stand graphics is not only relevant to grab the attention of your prospective customers but is a secret ingredient that helps increase visitor engagement at your booth. Therefore, when you hire an exhibition stand design and build company, you can brainstorm ideas with their team of stand designers regarding the color theme, discussing which one would suit well with your brand.

Use audio visual technologies: Adding an audio-visual device such as a TV screen, iPad, or tablet, and incorporating technologies like AR/VR in your exhibition stand design ideas, will definitely draw the attention of your potential clients to your exhibition booth. When you have limited exhibiting space, and are left with no room for demonstrations, then AR/VR technologies come into play to attract your target audience. Mostly, attendees at a trade fair do not like to engage with booth staff, so how would you keep them interested in your product if they don’t want to talk about it? Well, you can engage the audience at your booth with these audio-visual devices on your stand that allows your booth staff to approach them and initiate a conversation.

Choose the right flooring for your Stand: You can ask your exhibition stand contractors to select the right and distinctive flooring instead a carpeted floor that matches the flooring of the venue. Opting for a photo flooring is not only a great exhibition stand design idea but can actually have a great impact in setting your exhibition booth apart from your rivals.

Unique freebies: When you have some promotional freebies or giveaways at your booth for the attendees, chances are the visitor interaction at your booth will increase immensely. That is why companies use giveaways as the best type of promotional stand design idea and it has been used as a relevant marketing tool for decades. Therefore, you must have a unique and memorable giveaway for your stand visitors that they will remember even after the trade show ends.


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