Use 5 Simple Steps to Become a Lead Capturing Magnet at Exhibitions

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Use 5 Simple Steps to Become a Lead Capturing Magnet at Exhibitions

Exhibitors start planning their exhibition stand design and construction way ahead of time but give very less or no thought at all to their lead generation strategy. It is easier to grab the attention of your prospects at an event but very challenging yet imperative to turn them into clients.

When you collaborate with an eminent exhibition stand manufacturer in Germany that provides complete exhibition stand services and solutions under one roof and within your budget, you can focus better on impressing your prospective customers at the event.

We are providing several tips for you to consider in order to capture maximum leads at the exhibitions:

1 Gamify your exhibition stand: Hosting a game at your booth allows you to discreetly get the contact information of your audience. Introducing games not only stimulate the interest of your target audience but also keep them engaged and provide a memorable experience to them. There are several games that you can choose from based on the size of your exhibition stand, such as the virtual version of Spin the Wheel, toss the bean bag, mini golf, or hook-a-duck. If your budget allows, you can even provide VR and AR games to increase foot traffic at your booth.

2 Hold competitions: One of the best ways to promote your brand as well as increase your lead generation capacity is to host various types of contests at your exhibition booth. You can ask your audience to provide you with their contact information before participating in contests, like raffles, trivia, and quiz shows.

3 Lead capture through mobile applications: Mobile applications come in handy when you’re busy having conversations with your prospective customers at the show. Several applications, also known as ‘universal lead capture’ apps, can be used by exhibitors nowadays that help them collect the information details of attendees and save the data on your centralized database. This way you can keep in touch with your visitors even after the exhibition is over.

4 Make your booth interactive: You can provide an immersive environment to your prospective clients at the show by integrating cutting-edge technologies into your exhibition stand design and compel the attendees to visit your booth. This way, you are not just able to generate more leads but also make lasting impressions on your potential customers at the event.

5 Have a well-trained booth staff: Choosing the correct people as your booth staff is extremely important as they represent your business on the global platform. You can make a killer first impression on your audience with the help of an amiable, well-trained, and knowledgeable booth staff. They help turn your visitors into possible leads. You should assign various booth duties among your staff members based on their individual strengths. This way, they will be able to perform well and increase visitor interactivity at your stand.

You can promote your business and enhance your lead generation by using the above-mentioned ideas, which help provide a boost to your business growth. Blueprint Global, is a prominent exhibition booth builder company in Germany that provides complete exhibition stand services and solutions across Europe at a cost-effective price. If you’re planning to participate in the upcoming exhibitions, please get in touch with us to get bespoke, unique, creative, engaging, and visually stunning exhibition stands that will be a show-stopper at the event.

Feel free to connect with us at to discuss your stand requirements.

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