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Trade fair participation is very expensive in terms of investment but it’s also a powerful marketing tool that helps businesses to make an impactful brand presence on the global platform. Exhibitions offer perfect brand opportunities to achieve your desired exhibiting outcome by preparing an effective trade show strategy to gain the attention of your target audiences.

You can successfully accomplish your marketing goals by building a strong brand identity, thereby creating a loyal clientele and powerful brand story that perfectly conveys your brand message to the booth visitors.

If you are planning to participate in upcoming trade fairs in Cologne then teaming up with an experienced exhibition stand builder in Cologne is your best bet. Blueprint Sp. Z.o.o. is your reliable exhibiting partner that can help you achieve your trade show goals by creating a compelling brand story that gains the attention of your target audiences.

We are jotting down a few tips and tricks that can help you make a strong brand identity on the trade show floor:

1. Pay attention to your exhibition stand design: The design of your exhibit is the first that the trade visitors will be noticing. So, your exhibition booth design should be able to perfectly reflect your corporate image on the show floor. Incorporating the brand, logo, tag lines, and your brand story in visually striking graphics would definitely enthrall your audiences. You can partner with a professional trade show booth builder in Cologne that can offer you a brand-oriented, unique, cost-effective, and client-centric stand that will outclass your competitors on the show floor.

2. Make an impactful brand presence with freebies: One way of brand promotion is through thoughtful giveaways. Providing freebies at a trade show compels your target audience to visit your booth. When you’re offering freebies, make sure that you’re branding it as well, it will not only help raise your brand recognition but also provide your audiences with a memorable brand experience. This way, you’ll be able to entice your target audience in buying your product/service, even after the show ends.

3. Integrate modern technology into your exhibit: Implementing the latest technologies like AI, virtual reality, and augmented reality into your exhibit will not only present your booth visitors with a memorable brand experience but also help you outshine your rivals at the fairground. Furthermore, incorporating these latest technologies will help increase your brand identity on the trade show floor.

4. Choosing right exhibition stand personnel: Your exhibition booth staff is the face of your brand on the show floor, so make sure to select the right staff for your booth. Your stand personnel should have certain attributes in their personality like they should be approachable, amiable, and helpful. Training your staff members and providing them with different responsibilities at the exhibition allows them to rest as well as stay active and create a positive image of your brand on the show floor.

5. Make a strong brand identity through social media platforms: Being social media savvy helps you make a powerful presence for your brand. Make sure to represent your brand on social media platforms in a way that increases the outreach of your brand while creating a strong corporate image of your business. You can use hashtags or even create a few special ones specifically to promote your trade fair participation.

6. Conduct games, interactive activities, and contests: One of the best ways to create an impactful brand presence at the fairground is to gain the attention of your target audience and keep them busy at your booth. This is possible when you introduce some interactive games or conduct contests, trivia, or raffles. These offer a perfect opportunity for you to enhance the global outreach of your brand while providing a memorable brand experience to your booth visitors.

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